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laparoscopic hysterectomy

with the use of ThermoStapler®

laparoscopic hysterectomy Sealing the round ligament, fallopian tube and ovarian ligament in purpose to dissect and separate the uterus.

laparoscopic hysterectomy 2 Cutting the sealed area with electrosurgical scissors.

clamps 2

main advantages

  • physical pressure onto the vessel with the use of a special bipolar instrument
  • a generator administering high frequency and low voltage current which does not cause sparks during the sealing process
  • constant monitoring of the tissue impedance during the process of sealing
  • microprocessor control ensuring the repeated coagulation effect
  • automatic switch-off of the generator at the moment of achieving the optimal sealing of the vessel, confirmed with a sound signal


  • the possibility to select the level of intensity of the effect lower intensity means higher precision and depth of the coagulation, higher intensity means quicker final effect
  • the possibility to connect two different ThermoStapler® instruments or to combine the vessel sealing technique with a traditional bipolar technique


accessories & instruments

MultiSwitch, two-pedal footswitch

Laparoscopic insert

Handle for laparoscopic instrument



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