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rectruitment guidlines

Anyone interested in joining our team is welcome to learn more about EMED's recrutation steps. They are as follows:

Stage I

Recrutation process starts with a preparation of job discription featuring key responsabilities and requirements. The job offer is than distributed through www.emed.pl, press, Internet and academic job centers. We are awaying replays for the next two weeks.

Stage II

We look through applications selecting those that are well set with our requirements.

Stage III

Shortlisted candidates are invited to us to take knowledge and skills' test aimed at main responsabilities for the position and English language test.

Stage IV

Candidates with the best results are invited to meet management team. This meeting is a good occasion to learn more about EMED – the organization culture and the position. At the sametime, we can find out more about your experience, professional qualifications and skill and future job expectations.

We inform candidates about the recrutation results within a week after finishing the overall process. If your were succeded, we meet you again and talk more about employment.

Get ready for the recrutation process:

  1. Get to know us – look through our website and company catalogue and read carefully job description
  2. Show us your strong points – prepare portfolio of your projects and summery of work experience
  3. Print off and read carefully your application documents before the meeting with management team
  4. Think what would you like to know more about us and the job


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