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The ART of arthroscopy

plus artro
Smart Device System
InTouch Screen
Monopolar cutting mode with different
degree of hemostasis
Monopolar forced coagulation mode
with different degree of intensity
Highly specialized bipolar CUT
and COAG modes
Different languages available
SpectrumResult – automatic
regulation of all output parameters

operating modes

  • CUT specialized bipolar cutting in saline solution
  • COAG specialized bipolar coagulation in saline solution
  • MONO CUT monopolar cutting with different degree of hemostasis
  • MONO COAG monopolar forced coagulation with different degree of intensity


ACL reconstruction ACL reconstruction

power output

  • Bipolar cutting max: 250 W
  • Bipolar coagulation max: 200 W
  • Monopolar cutting max: 200 W
  • Monopolar forced coagulation max 180 W
  • Generator operation frequency: 333 kHz


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