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pure performance

plus atom smart

Smart Device System
InTouch Screen
Automatic power regulation
Real-time monitoring of output
Different language version
Power monitor
Modern design

Operating modes

  • Prepared for cutting and coagulation treatments. It has two universal SDS sockets.
  • It is equipped with "Smart Device System" technology, which evokes operating modes and settings
  • Automatically adjusts power to the user's needs.
  • It enables fast and comfortable work. Atom smart has monopolar and bipolar modes.

  • Power Output

    • Pure monopolar cutting 200 W
    • Blend monopolar cutting 200 W
    • Soft monopolar coagulation 200 W
    • Forced monopolar coagulation 200 W
    • Bipolar coagulation 120 W

    • Download

      Click on the icon to download.
      atom smart dane techniczne atom smart instrukacja obsługi Informator atom smart


    • System NEM
    • AutoTest
    • Overload Protection


    • SDS system
    • Automatic power regulation
    • Touch screen
    • Power Monitor

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