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distributor cooperate policy

  1. Aiming to ensure high quality customer service, EMED establishes cooperation exclusively with reliable medical equipment distributors. Distributors who wish to cooperate with our company are checked with respect to customer service standards, both in the technical and in the sales and after-sales service aspect. We make sure that the distributor's practices are in line with the standards accepted at EMED
  2. Each of our partner distributors receives EMED's authorization – either general, or exclusive, which covers a specific area of the distributor's business
  3. Each distributor has its own individual care representative for direct contacts in all matters related to cooperation
  4. Our partner distributors are regularly trained by EMED's consultants in technical (servicing of electrosurgical equipment) and equipment issues (the use of electrosurgical equipment in surgical procedures)
  5. EMED provides to its distributors training and marketing materials needed to ensure high quality customer service
  6. Distributors are responsible for mutually reliable partnership and joint development of a good reputation of EMED


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