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SDS system

The SmartDevice System detects and identifies the connected instrument. It automatically adjusts the operating mode and output settings to the instrument, thus improving the operator’s working comfort. The user does not have to wonder which mode and which setting to use for a specific instrument. The SmartDevice System identifies the instrument connected to spectrum. It automatically selects the modes in which it can be used and sets the suggested operating parameters for the identified instrument. In this way, it increases instrument life and safety of work.

Spectrum Result

The idea of spectrum is to set all parameters by default, and once selected, the settings will not require subsequent adjustments. SpectrumResult performs real-time monitoring of all operating parameters of the system: actual power, current intensity and voltage. Constant monitoring of all parameters always ensures the best result. With the solution used in SpectrumResult, the user does not need to control power settings. The electrosurgical system itself ensures that the output settings are maintained so as to obtain the desired effect of work, regardless of the surgical conditions.

Touch screen

EMED electrosurgical system are controlled with a touch screen which is designed to provide the user with easy access to all diathermy functions. The settings or modes of operation are changed by touching icons on the screen. To ensure maximum ease of operation there are no extra buttons or knobs.

program storage position

Memory program that allows customise settings for different interventions and surgeons.

bipolar cutting in liquids

This operating mode is used for special bipolar forceps with two cutting loops that work in a physiological salt environment.


Multifunction footswitch allows remote changing of the settings with a single press of a footswitch.


Automatic regulation of the power supply level according to needs.
A microprocessor monitors the tissue parameters on an ongoing basis to achieve the optimum cutting effect.

NEM System

The NEM (Neutral Electrode Monitor) system controls the quality of the contact of a return electrode with the patient's skin. Using the NEM system, as well as two-compartment adhesive electrodes, it has totally eliminated the problem of burns to the patient's skin while applying a patient return electrode.


Once switched on, EMED systems perform a comprehensive internal test, of which the result is displayed in the form of a precise, legible message.

Overload Protection

Supervising the temperature of the most critical components of the system makes it possible to avoid damaging the system, even if it is being heavily used.


In situations of increased demand, the intelligent control system can temporarily increase the power supply to support the starting of the cutting process.

Endoscopic program PP

Special cutting modes necessary to remove polyps and the procedure of papillotomy. Alternating cutting and coagulation means optimal coagulation can be achieved for this application and reduces the probability of bleeding.


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