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gastroenterology in mind

Smart Device System
InTouch Screen
Advanced endoscopic modes
Power Monitor
Different language versions
SpectrumResult – automatic
regulation of all output parameters

operating modes

  • POLIPO CUT monopolar cutting for polypectomy procedure
  • MUCO CUT monopolar cutting for mucosectomy procedure
  • ENDO COAG – monopolar endoscopic coagulation mode
  • ENDO SPRAY monopolar endoscopic coagulation for rapid haemostasis of local haemorrhages
  • PLASMA , PULSE PLASMA – endoscopic argon plazma coagulation
  • ENDO BI-COAG bipolar coagulation for endoscopic procedures


polypectomy polypectomy
Polyps are removed with electrosurgical snare… more

papillotomia papillotomia
Cutting the sphincter of Oddi with the papillotom… more

Argon coagulation Argon coagulation
Coagulation of gastrointestinal lesions… more

power output

  • Monopolar cutting: 400 W
  • Monopolar coagulation: 200 W
  • Bipolar coagulation: 60W
  • Generator operation frequency: 333 kHz
  • Argon modul integrated


Accessories & instruments

Endoscopic cable

SDS adapter for bipolar probe

Argon flexible probe



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